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The SENN Gruppe is the family brand of the Senn Beteiligungs GmbH. The holding is owned by the Senn family and takes care of the management of the individual investments. In addition to the management of the operative participations, the real estate management (SENN Immo) as well as the energy generation (SENN Kraftwerke) are bundled under the family brand.

In line with our motto: "With combined forces".

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Who are we?

The SENN Gruppe is the family brand of Senn Beteiligungs GmbH. The group consists of various companies that are active in the field of industrial supplies and was founded in 2001.

Key figures of the group

  • Annual turnover: 34 million EUR
  • Employees: 90
  • One Stop Shop: (Refractory, Gaskets, Foundry Needs, Conveyor chains, Expansion Joints, Gleitlager, Lubricants, Metalparts und Logistics/FTL)
  • Locations in Austria and Germany
  • Founded in 2001
To the specific companies

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Overview of the companies

  • KS Kneissl & Senn Technoglogie GmbH

    KS Kneissl & Senn Technologie GmbH was founded in 2001 by Mr. Franz Senn sen. and is 100% owned by Senn Beteiligungs GmbH. KS is the largest company in the SENN Gruppe, both in terms of employees and turnover, and is active as a producer and distributor in several product areas. Originally based in Kufstein in the old Kneissl ski factory, the company has been operating in Erl since 2013.

  • RBS Kompensator GmbH

    RBS Kompensator GmbH was founded in 2009 and is 75% owned by the SENN Gruppe. RBS in the group, as the name indicates, is engaged in the production of (fabric) expansion joints, and since 2019 also in the (subcontract) production of metal parts and flanges.

  • Senn Immobilien GmbH

    Since 2013, Senn Immobilien GmbH has managed all properties and buildings of the SENN Gruppe. This includes the 3 company buildings in Mühlgraben, Erl as well as apartments and other properties.

  • Senn Beteiligungs GmbH

    With the relocation to Erl in 2013 and the purchase of the company building in Mühlgraben 43b (Hall B) under Senn Immobilien GmbH, the bundling of the 3 holdings as of 2013 into a separate holding company, Senn Beteiligungs GmbH, also took place. This established the foundation for further external growth through company acquisitions.

  • Gasser GmbH

    Gasser – Handel mit Gießerei- und Stahlwerksbedarf Gesellschaft m.b.H. was founded in 1925 as GASSER & CO in Vienna. Since then, the focus of sales activities has been on crucibles and foundry auxiliaries in steel and non-ferrous metal casting. Since 2010 the company is located in Styria. Due to the proximity to the most important customers and to the University of Mining and the Austrian Foundry Institute, respectively, excellent synergies result. Since 1.12.2017, Gasser is a 100% subsidiary of Senn Beteiligungs GmbH. Thereby one is represented with locations in Austria (Styria & Tyrol) as well as in Germany (Nuremberg).

  • Ceratec GmbH

    On 1.1.1988 Ceratec GmbH was founded in Lower Austria. From the beginning Ceratec concentrated on products in the high temperature range. Temperatures up to 1600°C thus determine our daily work. Since 2020 the location is in Erl, Tyrol.

  • Senn Kraftwerke GmbH

    Senn Kraftwerke GmbH was founded at the end of 2021 in the course of the purchase of the Trockenbach Erl power plant. Since then, all energy generating activities of the SENN Gruppe have been bundled in it. In addition to hydropower, we focus primarily on photovoltaics. In total, between 1.5 and 2 million KwH of sustainable electricity can be produced.

  • Sinteca HandelsgmbH

    Sinteca HandelsgmbH was founded in 1984 in Vienna under the company name Aladin and since then has been engaged in the distribution of plain bearings, Niro plant parts, sintered filters. Since 2023 the distribution of technical maintenance products and mechanical seals of the company Chesterton is also part of the product portfolio. In contrast to the other companies, Sinteca is based in Klosterneuburg, Lower Austria. Sinteca is a 90% subsidiary of the SENN Gruppe.

  • Senn Logistik GmbH

    Since October 2023 Senn Logistik GmbH strengthens the Group in internal and external logistics matters. In addition to full truck loads and forwarded goods, we also offer LTL and sprinter services for third-party customers and our own needs.

  • K. Hoffmann GmbH

    At the end of 2023, the vermiculite manufacturer K. Hoffmann GmbH in Plettenberg was added to our group. This enables us to significantly expand our expertise in the field of vermiculite (pressed parts, CNC-milled moulded parts and panels).


Metal workshop

We are an innovative company in the field of metal processing and are looking for a dedicated and qualified lathe and milling technician at the earliest possible opportunity. In this role, you will be a key figure in our production process.

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With combined forces!


Product overview

Overview of the products and services offered in the Group companies.



As a family company, quality is our top priority, so we have been ISO9001 certified since 2008.



Own energy

from hydropower and photovoltaics

Due to the conversion of our fleet to e-cars, the demand for energy is constantly increasing. In order to meet this demand, we have invested in the construction and expansion of our photovoltaic systems over the last 3 years. Since the end of 2021, we can also count a hydroelectric power plant to our group. Thus, nothing stands in the way of refueling sustainably generated energy for the electric cars.

The diagram shows the history of the SENN Gruppe. In 2001, the company was founded by Franz Senn sen. in Kufstein. Since then, various companies have been added to the group over the years. In 2023, the highlight will be the move into the new warehouse and production hall in Erl, Mühlgraben 43e. This will create the space for further growth.

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