Who are we? Senn Immobilien GmbH

Since 2013, Senn Immobilien GmbH has been active as a subsidiary of Senn Beteiligungs GmbH for all matters relating to the real estate activities of Senn Beteiligungs GmbH. It assumes responsibility for the execution and management of the real estate investments and projects of the Senn family within their companies. Our primary objective is to maximize the value of the real estate portfolios through strategic management and sustainable practices.

Our focus is on the development, expansion and maintenance of production, office and warehouse space within the group. This encompasses a wide range of activities, from the planning and execution of construction projects to the continuous improvement of existing buildings to ensure they meet current standards and can be used efficiently. In addition, we take care of the management of strategic land reserves to ensure the long-term stability and growth of the group.

Senn Immobilien GmbH looks at each project from a holistic perspective to ensure that it is in line with the Group's overall objectives and creates sustainable value. In doing so, we leverage our extensive experience in the real estate industry to find optimal solutions that meet both the Group's operational requirements and financial objectives.

PHASE I - 2013

In 2013 the company building Mühlgraben 43 B - "Halle B" was purchased and in this course the relocation from Kufstein to Erl was completed.

Scope: 2000 m² production and office space including parking facilities.

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PHASE II - 2018

New construction of warehouse "Hall A" and construction of a flying roof between the 2 buildings for shortest distances by general contractor ATC.

Scope: 2500 m² high rack storage area incl. flying roof.

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PHASE III - 2022

New construction of production hall and warehouse in 2022 by general contractor ATC. Planned completion December 2022.

Scope: 3300 m² production, office and storage area incl. flying roof.

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Hall B - 2013

In 2013, with the relocation from Kufstein to Erl, we were able to take over an existing building from the company MHM into our real estate portfolio. In addition to the building, it was also possible to take over another property in the immediate vicinity as a land reserve. This was the first operational activity of Senn Immobilien GmbH. Since then, the building has served as the headquarters for most of the activities in the Senn Group. Since then, the location in Erl has also been enlarged in 2 further expansion stages.

      Hall A - 2018

      In 2018, a high-bay warehouse including a spacious flying roof was built on the former land reserve, which was acquired together with the HB 2013 building, and comprises approximately 2000 pallet spaces. This building is used exclusively for storage and has no office space or production areas. All materials for the production facilities (Produktionsanlagen) in Hall B, which is directly adjacent, are stored there.

      Hall E - 2023

      In 2023, after a one-year construction phase, we were able to move into the newest building in the SENN Group. In addition to office space and social rooms on 3 floors, Hall E also offers us a high-bay warehouse with approx. 600 storage spaces in large format, as well as production areas for metal production, and the manufacture of fabric expansion joints on 2 floors.

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        The chart shows the history of the SENN Group. In 2001, the company was founded by Franz Senn sen. in Kufstein. Since then, various companies have joined the group over the years. In 2023, the highlight will be the move to the new warehouse and production hall in Erl, Mühlgraben 43e. This will create the space for further growth.

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