Chesterton ARC S2(E) von der EDF qualifiziert

We are pleased to announce that Chesterton ARC S2(E) is now qualified by EDF under their FNP (Fichier National des Peintures / National Paint Register) system. The FNP system is a register of all protective coatings approved for use in all EDF new build, maintenance and repair installations.

The requirements for this qualification included a full toxicological evaluation and performance testing by a third party laboratory as required by the EDF specifications.

ARC S2(E) is approved for the protection of equipment in contact with water (hydraulic equipment) - Category 1. This applies primarily to hydroelectric equipment, including the inside of penstocks, submerged or semi-submerged grilles, valves, tanks and hoovers. The systems for which ARC S2(E) is approved include water classified by EDF as 'very abrasive water', 'abrasive water' and 'non-abrasive water' for use on ferrous metal surfaces at temperatures up to 60 °C. The 'Very Abrasive Water' classification is the highest abrasion class for coatings to be applied inside penstocks.

This approval is very important as it means that any contractor proposing a coating must select and use a coating that complies, in terms of technical performance, with the codes and requirements set out in EDF's Book of Specific Technical Clauses (BSTC) or Book of Technical Specifications (BTS). While this is primarily implemented at all EDF sites in France, it is also recognised and can be used for projects at EDF sites outside France.

The directory for ARC S2(E) can be found under this link: FNP ( - The FNP number is 1081.


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