Excellent credit rating

Excellent credit rating KS Kneissl & Senn Technologie GmbH certified by Creditreform.

Dear Mr. Senn,

As part of our ongoing research, we have recently assessed the creditworthiness of your company (KS Kneissl & Senn Technologie GmbH). It is with great pleasure that we congratulate you on your excellent creditworthiness index of 186.

This puts you in the top 9% of Austria's most creditworthy companies!

Don't just rejoice in secret, but pass this positive information on to others.

With the Creditreform creditworthiness certificate as an independent seal of quality for the domestic economy, you can proudly and consciously show that your company is a trustworthy partner. Show your suppliers, customers, lenders, employees and other stakeholders that your company is solid and well positioned, especially in these challenging times.

Take the opportunity to upgrade your existing membership!

Creditworthy greetings

Your Creditreform-Team


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