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Since mid-March we have been producing washable protective equipment made of synthetic fibers and cotton Made in Austria. In addition to protective gowns and coats, this also includes protective masks made of cotton as well as CPA masks (FFP2) and overcoats.

Due to the immediate conversion of our production, we have managed to navigate through the crisis to this day without the aid of short-time work subsidies.
We manufacture the SSB CPA protective masks (in accordance with decree GZ2020-0.247.451) for medical professionals. The CPA protective mask, with a protective effect between an FFP2 and FFP3 mask, is a half mask, which is made up of several layers. The protective effect or separation effect is higher than with an FFP2 mask and slightly below FFP3 mask, which offers the highest protection. This certificate confirms that the Corona SARS-Cov-2 pandemic respiratory protection masks (CPA) meet the requirements and are suitable for medical professionals.

SSB mouth and nose protection (MNS) is made entirely of double-layered, tightly woven cotton, does not contain any metallic parts (clips, etc.) and is free of substances harmful to health (bleach, heavy metals in the dye, etc.). These masks can be cleaned several times from 60 ° with a heavy-duty detergent and dry quickly (also suitable for dryers). If required, we can manufacture different sizes for children and adults.
The SSB protective gown made of PP with a membrane or cotton in the form of disposable or washable reusable products can be put on quickly and fully protects the arms and torso. A band is sewn into the hands for a secure hold. The back parts can be individually adjusted to the size using straps in the area of the neck and hips. The variant with the synthetic fibers consists of a stable fleece with an applied membrane layer, which, in addition to the water-repellent effect, also ensures wearing comfort compared to continuous plastic films. The cotton product is tailored from tightly woven cotton and can be machine washed and dried several times.
More information about the Senn - protective clothing can be found under this link.

Senn protective clothing - Made in Austria!

Since the outbreak of the Corona crisis in Austria, Senn Schutzbekleidung (SSB) has been producing protective clothing such as CPA respiratory masks, protective gowns, mouth and nose protection made of cotton for everyone who is on the front line fighting the virus. As a local producer in Tyrol, Austria, we stand for regional security of supply of various protective clothing.
Regionality pays off, especially in times when global supply chains cannot be relied on. For us, regionality applies to all processes such as the procurement of primary materials, employee recruitment and machine selection.


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