Insulfrax® 1300 HT

Insulfrax ® 1300 HT mat and Insulfrax ® 1300 HT Anchor-Loc ® modules

Another addition to our range of products with low bio-persistence!

    • Classification temperature of 1300 ° C
    • Excellent thermal insulation with increased application temperature
    • Next generation of LBP high temperature wool insulation materials (Low Bio Persistent)

    Insulfrax ® 1300 HT mats represent the next generation of LBP high-temperature wool insulation materials (Low Bio Persistent). This new innovative product combines excellent thermal insulation with increased application temperature. Typical applications for Insulfrax ® 1300 HT mats, such as process pipe and duct insulation, furnace linings, boiler insulation, glass tub insulation, such as those found in the petrochemical, steel industry and energy sector.

    The needled Insulfrax ® 1300 HT mat is manufactured using our unique know-how in proven technology and offers a classification temperature of 1300 ° C.

    The new Insulfrax ® 1300 HT mats are completely inorganic and binder-free and have a smooth surface. They retain their strength, flexibility and thermal properties in a wide variety of applications without the occurrence of smoke or steam.

    In addition, meet the Insulfrax ® 1300 HT insulating wooln the requirements according to Note Q of the European Regulation 1272/2008 and are therefore exempt from the labeling requirement in Europe.

    With the inclusion of Insulfrax ® 1300 HT fiber products in its delivery program, the Insulcon Group now offers an even more comprehensive portfolio in the high-temperature insulation segment. From traditional ceramic fibers (RCF) to products with low biopersistence (LBP) to unclassified polycrystalline materials. A full delivery program up to 1600 ° C!

    Insulfrax ® 1300 Anchor-Loc ® modules combine the unique performance features of the proven Anchor-Loc module fastening systems with the new Insulfrax ® 1300 HT fiber.

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